MacFarlane’s Delicatessen was founded in 1998 and is at the very heart of the Abbeville Village. Now we are serving the community and offering exceptional quality foods while the world adapts to the new normal. Delivering foods via Deliveroo, offering safe shopping in store and always happy to help. 

Our gem on Abbeville Road

As safe as we can make it. We are only serving two customers at any time so please observe the social distancing measures we have put in place. 


Clean and safe recyclable bags to take your shopping home.Deliveroo to undertake our delivery service. 


Our friendly teams are now working alternate shifts to protect themselves and our customers.  Everyday we are here to help, to offer suggestions and make the constant round of meals delicious. 




48 Abbeville Road, London SW4 9NF 
020 8673 5373