Cheese Sables with Cumin

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The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat, they took some honey, and plenty of money, wrapped up in a five-pound note. And apparently also some incredibly cheesy little biscuits…

Pea Green Boat’s luxurious Cheese Sablés with Cumin are the ultimate nibble to accompany your favourite aperitif. Made by foodies for foodies, they combine the finest 24-month-aged Italian Parmesan and tangy Scottish Cheddar with organic flour from Mungoswells Malt & Milling and a generous sprinkle of aromatic cumin. Rich and decadent, we absolutely adore these with a glass of red wine, a refreshing German Riesling, a Scotch whisky and even a Negroni. Luckily, there are around 30 cheese biscuits in each box, so you are free to experiment.

The Pea Green Boat can be found moored in Leith, Edinburgh. Established by Maddy with her dad Hugh’s cheese biscuit recipe, this boutique Scottish bakery began selling its products at local farmers markets, quickly building a loyal following. When the kudos started to roll in from The Sunday Times and the Great Taste Awards, they partnered up with Harvey Nichols’ favourite Shortbread House of Edinburgh to keep up with demand. But their irresistible Cheese Sablés are still baked to Hugh’s original recipe