18 Month Aged Christmas Pudding

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In stock

At LillyPuds, their commitment to natural ingredients shines through in their products. They steer clear of unnatural additives whenever possible, opting for the goodness of perfectly natural components. For example,  their Christmas puddings are brimming with abundant fruits.

What sets a LillyPuds Christmas Pudding apart is its delectable lightness and fruitiness. They use significantly less added sugar compared to other Christmas puddings, enriching the mix with more fruit. Additionally, they steam their puddings for less time, ensuring they remain wonderfully light and not overly dense. With over 50% fruit and no mixed peel, a LillyPuds Christmas pudding is naturally sweet and a true festive delight.

Bid farewell to the heavy, dark Christmas pudding of yesteryears, and welcome the scrumptiously light and fruity LillyPud to your holiday table. It's a delectable choice that captures the essence of Christmas with natural goodness.