Hards, softs and many in between, MacFarlane's has a wonderful cheese counter with 90 to 120 different cheeses.

Sitting alongside our classics such as award winning Brie de Meaux and vintage Lincolnshire Poacher we often bring in guest cheeses from the Paris food market.

Seasonal Vacherin Mont d'Or normally arrives in late October.

We have tastings every weekend for our guest cheeses and for some from our house collection.

Celebration Cheese Cakes

Stunning and popular, the tower of cheese has become one of the central pillars of celebrations, parties and weddings.

We believe that cheese deserves to be the centre of attention.

Made from a number of different cheeses the overall combination makes for a sensational cheese board.

With biscuits and chutney this will bring happiness to guests into the wee small hours.

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Our house collection of chocolates is proudly displayed behind glass to allow the variety of British and continental chocolates to reflect our true love of confectionery.

These chocolates are boxed, wrapped and ribboned to reflect seasonal changes making them great gifts or dinner party essentials.

In addition we house collections from, Artisan du Chocolat, Rococo Organic, Holdsworth Chocolates and Bonieri Chocolate from Turin.


We began retailing wines in 2010, with a very simple desire: To provide the very best example of a wine style, grape or region at the very best price to accompany our cheeses. Over the last five years we have accessed a fantastic wine merchant who has now created a list of 50 or more wines.

He has maintained our vision and brought us wines that have delighted our Abbeville customers season after season.
Please use the pdf download to see our list. These can be purchased in mixed cases of 6 or individually.

Hampers & Gift Boxes

After 20 years at Fortnum & Mason the owner had to offer a hamper in the shop. Guided by the principal of making food gifts that are truly appreciated, MacFarlane's have pre-made boxes and hampers in store or alternately your own creation can be brought to life for that special occasion.
Combining great foods, wines and confectionery in beautiful packaging you can be sure a hamper or gift box will certainly be truly appreciated.

Food to Go

Using the diverse ingredients from our delicatessen counter and our cheese counters we make sandwiches and toasties every day. The breads, pickles, relishes, pestos and other accompaniments are from our shelves and fridges. Ever changing and inventive sandwiches sit alongside MacFarlane's classics.

Our Tuna Melt with Truffle Gouda and our Pulled Pork with Chilli Jam and Rocket still ride high in the 'preferred sandwich league'.  

Weekdays see a fresh seasonal soup or a taste of the soups we sell in store. All of these combined with fresh prepared salads or pies and quiches and the celebrated 'Rolls Royce' of Sausage Rolls. It's an offer for all.

Coffee & Tea

From the beans we retail in store the medium and dark roasts have been selected to be made into coffee to take away.
Cappuccino, Latte, Caffe Americano, Flat White, Macchiatos, Restretto and Espresso.

Our take away teas are made using the Teapigs teabags. A beautifully sourced selection of teas, herbal and fruit teas we retail in store.